March 25,2013 the creation of this blog

I decided to create a street music blog. When I play, usually some interesting things happen; I meet interesting people, something strange happens, or whatever. I thought it might be nice to document all that. So here goes. I will try to fill an entry for everytime I play. The last time I played was 2 days ago, on March 24th, 2013. I had missed my earlier normal Samcheongdong time because of a Toastmaster Meeting. Anyway it was borderline too cold. My former apartment mate Akiko, said she was having a flea market in front of her friend’s cafe. Since it might be the last time I would ever see her, I offered to play in front of the sale and even watch things while they went to dinner. So I did. I started around 630 pm. It was chili out but I was prepared with my heaviest clothes, including my hot water bottle. There wasn’t a lot of foot traffic but some people seemed interested. One rich looking guy dropped a 10,000 won bill right away. Other people smiled so it was kind of nice. Nobody complained so it was good. Akiko came back about 45 minutes later. No one had offered to buy anything from her, but I had made 14,000 won already. It’s not that money is really important but I’m just reporting. Akiko or her friends didnt seem interested in the music much, which was sad. i heard some music from across the street. I asked Akiko’s friend to check it out for me, but she wouldnt. I went myself. Surprise, there was a band playing Cuban style music down there, and they were great. Also they were friendly. i played for about 30 minutes with them. The owner, who played a nice trumpet also joined it. I came back later and I dont think Akiko and friend even knew or cared that I was gone, but that was ok. I had a great time.  From now on, I will go to that club on Sundays!


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