Juri’s Live Noribang

March 26th, 2013

I was practising at home from 7pm -10pm. i should stop at that time out of consideration for my neighbors. However, I still felt like playing. I went to Juri’s live Noribang, where you can listen or play to any song. Juri can play guitar quite well and also serves food and drinks. Its only a 5 minute walk from my apartment. It’s nice to have a place to play late close by. Juri always welcomes me, even though I dont ever buy anything (mostly a meat and alcohol place for friends to go). So I played there. First I played a few jazz songs, but her amp didnt work well with my mp3. So I played without accompaniment. I played “Danny Boy” because I know Koreans like that song. Then I played a few others like “Coming Home” by Kenny G. with Julie’s machine. Then I played a request “Feels so Good” which is wildly popular here.  And I found out why. They often play that song to close down a bar or restaurant. So everyone knows it. Now everyone was giving me all their attention. Juri was so happy that I entertained her customers, that she tried to give me 20,000 won. Of course I refused it. After all, I am happy for a place to play late. Later I will tell you the name and location of Juri’s place.


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