march 30, 2013 Palace wall city hall

It was a cold day but I thought I could play. Unfortunately it got even colder as things went on. I played near to the entrance to the palace which has some nice stone benches. The bad part is that the band that plays for tourists walks by every hour or so beating their drum. Its rude of me to play while they are so i improvise melodies to their drum beats. the players in the big marching band always looked surprised at me joining them. i think they liked it. the people waliking by liked it too. Some nice things happened. A girl walked by with a rolled up poster. I borrowed it and surprised everyone by playing it like a digeradoo. Also some girls and boys walked by eating candy. then they started mimicking me. Following my saxophone motions as if they were playing on the candy. that was funny. A guy I know named Jin stopped by and did some dancing while I played. A little boy was so funny. he was afraid of me but wanted to listen. finally he listened . when he was done I asked him for a kiss and he gave me one on the cheek. So cute. all in all it was a fun day. today i will go again and this time dress warmer. oh yeah I wrote a few poems too…..

I am a flower
Pluck me

I am an accordian
so are you



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