march 31, 2013

It was a good day for street music. On Saturday I got so cold, that today I wore almost my warmest clothes including, long underwear, hot water bottle, 2 coats, gloves. As it turned out (it always seems to anyway) the weather got warm. But I kept the warm clothes on the whole time. I guess I looked a bit strange but nobody said anything. I played across from the government building not far from the Dunkin Donuts, sitting on the large black polished stones. I had brought a blanket to sit on but that didnt work well as I kept slidding off.

   There was a big crowd. Many people were going to see the Tim Burton exhibition. There were so many people that you had to take a number and come back later, so some people listened to hear me play and then came back again later to listen while they waited for TB. Because I had 2 speakers I could play a long time and actually played from 1-6.  By the end I could barely play anymore but i didnt want to stop because it was too much fun. An old friend Doyeon stopped by. It was nice to see her. Also I met some very cool teenagers, Kong seo yu and seo hyun kim. These girls were not like other teenagers, they were interested in art and life and kept saying profound inspiring things like, “Frank, you are an artist.” We had fun. I played the sounds of the world for them, and they liked that. That means I tried to respond to whatever sounds were going on in the environment on my saxophone by imitating or blending. That can be fun but its hard too. Met some really nice kids and of course some monsters. A lot of nice couples stopped by and I took some pictures of some of them. Especially I am impressed by the high fashion of many of the guys. One person gave me an easter egg….oh yeah it was easter sunday. I ate it later. Maybe thats why people were so generous on that day. also accidentally I recorded the entire day. Thats 8 hours…Can I ever listen to all that. I’m still trying to figure out what to say to people after the music stops. Its so much easier with music.  I hope now the warm weather will come and I can play more and more.


2 thoughts on “march 31, 2013

  1. oh yeah….I wrote a poem ….

    i want to be magical
    life is magical
    when I’m not caught up in trying to be magical
    I AM magical

    also the teens and I had a good time describing people walking by, ala Woody Allen….and we talked about Annie Hall. Teenagers are cool because you can be yourself around then without worrying about romantic stuff.

    Its a beautiful day
    its time for me to be part of the attraction
    how do I do that
    just play the music that is in my soul
    its amazing that music can be in a soul
    and that music can move a soul

    also doyeon taught me a beautiful phrase….ggotsamchuwi….the cold is jealous of the flowers and so keeps the cold weather into late spring….how precious and innocent …and she played a nice song for me called merry christmas mr lawrence by ryuichi sakamoto…it was great

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