April 2, 2013


                Not a great night. I practiced home for awhile and then went over to the Jazzda Club near Hapjeong Station, but the Cuban band I was looking for wasn’t there. The guys who were there were weird. They didn’t want to give me any information and kept being super super polite but in an Eddie Haskel way. If you don’t know Eddie he was on Leave it to Beaver Show (and he was famous for being a bad guy who always pretended to be very nice.)  So that was a big disappointment. I walked over to Blue Star, which is Julies place. As usual there were about 4 people in there. Not really my kind of people (heavy drinkers and smokers) but I wanted to play so I did. Not much happened. I played, they talked and ignored me, but at the end of the song they all clapped as if they had been listening. I played about 6 songs then announced I would be going home. I would have stayed longer but no one was listening. Then one of the salary men surprised me by giving me 30,000w. That surprised me but it didn’t make up for the poor evening. I left early and went holme early to try to make some of the sleep I had missed the night before.


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