July 10, 2013       I made the plunge and

July 10, 2013

       I made the plunge and bought a new amp today. Although its not nearly as good as the other amp I have, it will have to do . it doesnt even have rechargable batteries. Its not loud enough, The connection is bad, but at least I can play jazz alone. And I did. I played in front of the powder Tower. it was funny, there was a group of 10 Italian girls. They were all cute and young. They were sitting there when I arrived so I asked if I could play in their space. They agreed and became interested. They listened well and took some good pictures of me.

Later I played with a pretty woman named Ludska for the first time. It was very nice. She has a sweet voice and pretty smile and a funky dog. People respond to her. We made a lot of money in a short time. Sings deep meaningful songs with catchy melodies by people like Amy Mcdonald. She lives right in the center of Prague in a cheap room. She is trying to get enough money to buy a ticket to visit her mother in the Canary Islands.

As we played a Russina guy kept filming me. Later he saw me again and filmed me. The next moring I saw him again and he told me he had made 7 videos of me. Wow its nice to have a fan,

In just an hour we made about 40 dollars and she didnt mind splitting it at all. I felt bad that maybe she would have made just as much without me but she didnt seem to think so. Every so often when she sings a lyric she will look over at me in a meaningful way, “And where you’re gonna go and where you’re gonna sleep tonight”…I wonder if she’s trying to say something to me, or mabye its my imagination.  She left at 6 to go rehearse with a band.

I walked over and found Adam and his group. They have a look; barefoot, in white shirts. They do alright. I cant resist Adam’s friendliness.  They are surprised at me sometimes. This was the night that Wynton Marsailles was playing in Prague. In fact they were playing at the Opera House just where Adam was playing. I had gone to see about tickets the day before and was conflicted. Did I want to go there, by myself? I tried to find someone to go with ( I would even pay for them) but I couldnt get anyone to go with.  Also Pavla had told me there was a good chance, that Wynton would play for free. At 630, 30 minutes before the concert was scheduled to begin I announced I was going to try to get a ticket. Adam and his friends looked at me like I was crazy. They couldnt imagine that I might have that kind of money. Just as I was walking up to see them, another street band started to play.  There were about 12 musicians, Tuba, trombone, trumpets, sax. clarinet , drums and they were playing a funeral dirge right through the crowd.  I thought it must be Wytons band, doing some preconcert theatrics, but it wasnt. It was a band from Toronto that was touring around Europe. They were called the Lemon Bucket Orchestra. They describe themselves as Balkan, ska, klezmer, band.  After the run through the Wyton crowd, they stationed themselves in an open space and commenced to put on one of the wildest shows I have ever seen. I watched for about 20 mintues and then ran over to see if I could somehow get into the concert. I couldnt (and now I am kicking myself for not getting tickets when I could have) , but on the other hand, I saw a most amazing street performance. Maybe I will get to see Wynton another time.   I went to see the Lemon Buckets the next nigth as well in a bar, but that was a different (not nearly as good) perfomance.

After the LB finished I went back to see Adam, but they were going over to see some guy play glasses. They were crystal glasses that were filled with water and so gave different pitches. It sounds pretty hokey, but actaully it was amazing. It wasnt just a gimmick, The sound was beautful, and the guys technique was virtuosic. He had 2 ways of making sound, by plucking the cups and by swirling around on the cups. It sounded more beautiful than a violin. His hands moved in a blur. He played 4 or 5 part harmony. He played classical and pop. Really it was mesmerizing. I stayed and listened to him until 10 pm. Ok I missed a chance of a lifetime to see Wyton Marsailles, but I did see 2 amazing street performances. There are so many things in life to enjoy and take in. There is not only one way. This is not a world of scarcity but one of abundance. Often I worry about not getting my fair share, of missing out on the coolest thing or the best way, but I think that you really cant miss out. There are so many things in life to fulfil, just by being alive you will get it. Afterall as they say, the best things in life are free, a sunset, a breeze, looking at someones face and seeing who they are and understanding, these things can be just as meaningful and powerful as a show. Actually it is THE show.  



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