July 13, 2013

July 13, 2013
    After our roaring success at the wedding, Pavel asked if I wanted to play at the flea market not far from my youth hostel on Saturday morning. Of course I said yes. What a great chance for a fun time. The flea market was located on the river in good view of the Prague Castle. It was a sunny day, and it was Pavel, Hank, another Pavel on bass and Steve came later. We started at 10 and had a really good time. Many people passed by listening and some stopped. One woman, Cecilia was beautiful and exotic. She came up during the break and seemed especially interested in me. “you are beautiful” was the first thing I said to her. “so are you”, she replied. It was time to play though so I got her number so that we could meet later and talk.  It was really fun but I hadnt realised that the gig would go on and on and on for 4 hours. I was still a little sick from my excesses of the night before, but I made it ok.      
    After the gig was over at 2 I helped them break down the gear and load it up. Then came the counting of the money. With great seriousness Hanka and Pavel set about this task. I wasnt much help because all the coins still looked rather alike to me. Besides Czech coins, some people threw in English money, Euros, even Polish money (zlotnie….How I love to say that word). Altogether we made 4,500 Kroner, about  250 dollars and Pavel divided it up evenly. For me I didnt care but it was all part of it and it would have been imposible to refuse. By that time it was 3 because Pavel never seemed to be in a hurry.
    I went off to meet the exotic Indonesian/ Czech woman, Cecilia. I followed her directions and crossed a bridge and waited by the river in front of the playground. Before I knew it I was asleep, and woke up to the sweet smell of some exotic tree blossom. There she was smiling down at me.  She had brought some exotic tea and I had an orange, so we had a picnic. Very quickly we got to know each other. “I am a physist of sorts” she explained. It seemed we had a lot in common right away. “I work on getting together scientists who are exploring cold fusion.” For those who dont know, cold fusion was found out to be one of the biggest hoaxes in modern science. The results were faked and could never be duplicated. “Also I am pracitising and studying breathairianism.  For those who don’t know, this is one of the wackiest movements in the world. These people believe they can live on the life force that is present in all things, especially air and sunshine. So they suppossedly dont eat. They dont eat food that is, they eat the prana energy that exist in air and sunlight.  Anytime someone tried to scientifically study it, either it failed, or the subjects refused saying what was the point. A number of people have died trying to do this (diet?). So I had to realize that while this woman was incredibly beautiful, she was either wacko or was on an entirely different wavelength than I. She was am and I was FM. How do you talk to someone like that. She was almost as bad as Jesus freaks; no matter how often I tried to steer the conversation away from those subjects, she always returned. I was politely patient and then got out of there as quickly as possible.  
    About that time I got a phone call from Pavel. He asked if I wanted to play another gig that night. It was in a hotel some distance from Prague. Some distance seemed a little indefinite but I didnt push it, afterall it was fun. Of course to do this, I had to give up playing with Ludska. She had messaged me that she would be playing by the river where the giant hot air ballon went up and down (it didnt move to and fro because it was docked so it could only go vertical up and down. This was a fancy and exciting way to get a view of one of the most beautiful cities in the world. I felt a little regret to have to choose between the 2 because I loved playing with Ludska and I had never been to that part of the city, but being with Pavel and Hanka was great. I can say I was falling in love with them. It was magical being with them. Pavel told me to meet him at a subway station at 8. Just 30 seconds after I exited the stastion I saw them roar past in his falling apart red station wagon that seemed to backfire at mometous intervals , his head comically stuck out the window, making funny faces.  I got in the car and we set out. Pavel driving, Hanka navigating and me trying to avoid being crushed when the equipment shifted. Pavel was one of these driveds that was so into the moment , that he seemed to spend very little time looking at the road. He was more interested in making his point, seeing your reaction to his point, or doing a hundred other things , none of which had anything to do with driving. I couldnt say anything and certianly couldnt even fasten my seat belt because there was none.
    Some distance, proved to be some great distance. Also they didnt know exactly where it was. They once had had a gps but that was gone now. So with Hanka hunched over the maps, we seemed to make our way, bit by bit to the gig. it took over an hour. We were late, which meant that Pavel felt the need to go faster. It seemed endless and hopeless until finally, finally , finally , finally I heard the words, “we have arrived”. We set to the task of unloading the equiptment and setting up. Luckily there were still patrons in there it was almost 930. As I might have guessed if I had thought about it, this was a lake hotel resort. Who was going to be at a lake resort on a saturday night? Mostly older Czech couples getting drunk and acting stupid, Thats exactly what it was. Not really what I would consider a fun night. No chance to meet someone I might really want to talk to. I kicked myself, Ah I should have stayed in Prague where I had more freedom to move around. Here I was like a prisoner. And the events of the last days were catching up. Sure Pavel and Hanka were great as usual, but I was getting so tired it was hard to play. In fact I went into that strange space that happens where I am actually sleeping and playing at the same time. It can really happen. We played on and on and on, past 1, to 130 and it wasnt until 2 that I got in the car to go home. Still it was nice when Pavel handed me my share of money, 1,200 K or about 60 dollars. They were so nice I dont even think that took out money for gas and expenses. It was 3 am, late. I had to get up in 3 hours to go to the airport. On to my next destination, Barcelona, which would prove to be a disaster.


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