January 4 th , 2014

M mMy 3rd day started out like the 2nd. Dead tired and no appetite. I even passed up breakfast. I just laid in bed all day. Too weak to move. I did make it to the club at 830 and played till 11, hung out and then went home. Still, it was fun. I tried talking to another woman in the bar. I was sitting at THE table and 2 women came in, one very heavy and one very fit looking and pretty As luck would have it, the pretty one was facing me. I sensed some excitement in her eyes, barely suppressing a smile. Moments later we looked at each other dead on and she gave me that same blushing lively embarrassed smile. It was so lovely, this smile. Do they always give that or is it because I’m a foreigner or because I am so handsome (I don’t think so), or maybe my way of approaching is unusual. Lamine leaned over, ” Frank you should leave them alone, they just want their own space. ” I heard that, but then again a smile like that never lies. We played eyeball and smile ping pong for awhile. I motioned with sign language if I could sit with her. She nodded no. I countered with signing for her phone number. She nodded yes. With the entire table watching disapprovingly, I slid my phone onto her table and she punched in the number. ” Frank”, Lamine warned, those girls belong to my friend here Moosta”. I looked at him and he nodded seriously. I didn’t know what was going on or what to do. The girl kept looking at me like she expected me to do something. ” you are beautiful” I texted. I saw her phone lite up and then her face as she read the message. ” you are too.” she replied. ” Are you here with some man?” ” no, just my friend and I. ” by that time, her gigantic friend had hurled herself out of her chair and was undulating wildly to the music. The physics of the resulting motions alone were mind- boggling. Sara and I kept texting back and forth, under Lamine’s nose. ” Frank are you having fun flirting with the girl?” oops. He knew. ” is it bad?” ” no it’s not bad, we were just teasing. But it didn’t feel like teasing to me. Sara finally got up to dance too. When she did, it felt like it was just for me. Like my private belly dance,she offered me a good view of her goods which were good. “Very sexy,”I texted, “but that’s not what is most attractive to me. It’s the excitement and shine in your eye when our eyes met that is most amazing”, and that was true too. They got up to leave and I let them go, after all I had her number and that first look to remember. I was sure I didn’t understand the rules of meeting here, but at least I tried. I headed back to my comfy hotel, ready for wonderful sheets to cuddle me, if not a wonderful woman.


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