Heating it up in Iceland

Saturday was a day for walking around, visiting museums, getting lost etc. it was fun just walking with no destination. Although looking for the artist area, we got lost in the port area which was fine. We found the most popular ice cream parlor in the city which doesn’t compare to Handel’s or Kate’s in Youngstown. Ohio, land of the best pizza and maybe the best ice cream. By the time we got back HY was tired and so it was up to me to go out and play street music alone. I learned a lot about life in the Reykjavik that night. For one thing, things don’t start heating up until midnight. Why is that? Drinks are so expensive, that everyone drinks at home until they are almost drunk, then go out and have one more drink. I was sitting at my regular place with a view of the Volcano Church at about 1030 pm. It was a little slow and then little by little things heated up until they started peaking around 1230 and crested there for the better part of 3 hours. It had been about 10 days since we had been there, and I was just getting used to the looks of the people.At first I thought they were strange looking, with their sharp features and hay colored hair. Little by little they were getting under my skin. Every once in a while I would see a woman of just unbelievable beauty,with features so exact and so delicate that it looked like she had been chilled out of porcelain. Around 1230, they started strolling by. Strangely enough it was the men I was impressed with. These were young men in their early to mid twenties for the most part. They were dressed in very stylish jackets that seemed too small but were elegant. I don’t know the name for this style but it was attention-getting. The young men were carefully styled and groomed,with elegant expensive leather shoes, flowing linen shirts and tight pants. But it was their poise and positive attitude that struck me. These young guys,mere so classy, they put me to shame. In beautiful English with a slight accent which made them sound aristocratic, they talked about everything with me, encouraged me, charmed me, and tossed money in my hat. It was nonstop until 330. They seemed to genuinely like the music, but more than that, they wanted to welcome me. One young man passed me 3 times, Every time pausing to listen a few seconds and then give me a thumbs up. Another young guy with 2 friends yelled from across the street, “Excuse me sir, but you are the coolest dude ever.” I love that, especially the “sir” part. To be seen as a super cool old guy is perhaps the greatest compliment, I’ve bridged the generation gap. Another guy leaned his head in about to drop some money into my hat when he looked in and smiled, never mind, you’ve got enough already.” Yeah I did. When I got home I counted about $200. But you know, it’s not about the money. I have a great memory of the cool elegant young men of Reykjavik giving me their good wishes, and that is worth a lot more than $200 or $20,000 for that matter.


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